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  • BlackJetE90OC's Avatar
    Today, 02:45 AM
    Really can't wait for a couple years and the SS is dirt cheap in the used market. Have plans for a track car build. The alpha chassis and LT1, with some weight reduction will be one fun reliable track toy.
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  • R.G.'s Avatar
    Today, 02:04 AM
    2k plus hp Das is good Murillo is a drag race legend. Made a couple cameos on street outlaws show. 2k is a guess but would bet not very far off. Would guess about 2300lbs also
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  • e92ttking's Avatar
    Today, 12:42 AM
    First off that highway was open except for a few cars that guy was a complete moron cutting them off twice and almost killing them. For what? Second what the fuk was he trying to prove? Third those bikers should have knocked him out, those were some weak ass hits if he was able to get back up and block his bike. To prove what again? Fourth that dumn b!tch should have gotten shot, anyone that pulls out a gun is a threat and is rightful to defend for themselves. That guy is lucky he didnt get more fuked up and his dumb ass wife didnt get a hole through her head
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  • ms335i's Avatar
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  • RobNyc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:32 PM
    I drove the Corvette for 3 days over the summer in Florida man that V8 450hp is love at first sight! Then test-drove the new Camaro 2SS here in North East late december when it came out almost almost wanted to sign but there were no good programs out but for $48k topped out man what a bargain
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  • alex@ABRhouston's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:31 PM
    Don't take this the wrong way...... but no, it seems that you have no grasp on how a professional technician and/or shop does business. I did not say "mechanics" that work out of their garage. I did not say enthusiasts who think they are "mechanics" who work on other peoples cars. I did not say shops who have NO EFFING RIGHT to touch your car because they have slum bags for techs or who run it. I'm talking about a professional shop who has millions in insurance for YOUR safety, overhead of professional technicians with 30-100K in their own tools, a shop with half a million dollars in equipment and a warranty behind their parts. I know people have explained this multiple times, but here it is (again)...... There is a set amount of labor that each repair shows how much it pays. All manufacturers have one. Long story short, the factory has a tech do a job like 10 times and take an average- and that's the warranty time (normally undercut) with factory tools and factory procedures. Typically customer pay is 1.5 times the cost of warranty (typically average time) So, lets give you an example. A widget under warranty pays 6 hours to replace. This widget has training on how to replace it, experience needed, repair instructions, proper diagnosis, needs special tools and (procedures on how to use the special tools and not break them). The first time I encounter this widget on this new car, it takes me 9.8 hours. It's frustrating, its cumbersome..... its not a winning job and not something I'm looking forward to do again. In fact, screw widgets in my book. But, hey this isn't a buffet, what comes in the door and in my bay is what I get. The next widget (damn you widget) that comes into the dealership I can then see that it was the same symptoms and I'll have to get that job done.... *I* think about the last job and what tools I need before the repair *I* go find these tools and make sure I have everything before doing so. *I* remember any snags or hiccups that came along with that stupid job I lost time on. And I do it 8 hours. Well, at least I didn't take my (averaging) 25-28/hour paying rate as a master tech and diluted it down to 10-15ish/hour. The next one I get it done in 7 hours. Then 6.0. Then (maybe) I find ways (I DO NOT FIND HACK WAYS) that I either remember specific sequences, or I buy a tool specifically for this job, or perhaps make a tool to where I can get this down to 3 hours and change...... Hell, now I'm making money on it at least. Then I'm the king of widgets. I want all the widgets. I can fix the widgets in the morning and take the car to lunch. I'm diggin' the widget market. HA HA! Then the manufacturer realizes that the time being flagged on the job isn't being flagged for what they are paying...... So they cut the labor because they discover how the techs are doing it. SURPRISE! (complete B.S. that my time is being cut because I found efficient ways to do the job) Customer pay scenario: Rust. Warranty cars typically won't have bolts break and parts frozen. Grime. Less than 50K miles typically means things come apart easily. Mileage. Everything breaks when you touch it. Other people have touched/broken/molested/damaged/ruined the area you need to work in now. Do I need to say more about this? HACKS. HUMAN INFLUENCE Broken parts you'd never encounter in the dealership. Engineers are not good at their job sometimes lol Modifications. That's why we're all here, right? Parts issues. Poorly made parts, difficult to access, hard to obtain etc.etc. So then you get this "this is bullshit you're charging me 6 hours for a job that only takes you 3" routine or mentality. So then, lets go the complete opposite way. A bolt breaks. A part is frozen. Heck, I just replaced cats on a Landrover. EVERY SINGLE bolt was rusted and broke the studs. I spent 3 legitimate hours replacing 4 studs that WOULD NOT come out of the exhaust manifolds. Torch/IR induction tool/drill bit/cussing was involved. It SUCKED. Did I charge the client more? No, I expected them to break (They were expected) but I only asked for an additional .5 for bolt extraction. Who eats that this repair? You or me? Dear Mr.Enfiftyfore, you have a bolt that has broken during the removal of this widget we previously agreed upon a price. We'll need you to pay another 400 dollars now. Does that happen? Maybe, but its super rare. Normally the tech has to eat the labor and time to fix or repair the damage. Who's stealing now? (as you say it is) No. I am not stealing. MY moral compass is perfectly aligned. I have invested my blood and sweat to make myself more efficient. I have taken time out of my day and night to come up with ways to make me more efficient. Investment in myself. Investment in my career. I have memorized repairs and torques to make me more efficient. Time out of my personal life and mental load. I have practiced and put my tools out in specific sequences to make it as quick and painless as possible. Repetition. I challenge myself how fast I can get a job done while being 100% concentrated and focused on the job. Goals. I close my eyes and look at the mental picture of every nut bolt screw and fastener and know the job is right. Perfection. I have no parts left over. I'm not a hack. I have no screws left over. If someone looked over my job, they CANNOT find a mistake. Anywhere. I've cleaned the area if needed. I'm not a slob, and want it to look correct. I've even found some extra screws to replace from the last hack who's worked on it..... because I'm not a hack like the last time, nor do I want someone to think *I* left those out. I test drive it. I know its fixed. I have pride in my work. I have pride knowing I'm the fastest/best tech. This is where when I was doing E90 evaporators that paid 14 hours warranty- I could do them in less than 3 hours. Not one thing broken, scratched, hacked, or damaged. Legit repair. I was (and still am) damn good at my job. I excel my profession. I wish EVERY professional took their job as serious as I do.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:32 PM
    Exactly like this. Ok, maybe they could have gone slightly bigger on the turbos because it's never enough boost, right? This is a custom project built for someone named Mike Murillo. No idea on the specs but who cares. We salute everyone involved.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:30 PM
    Some people may have thought the McLaren 570S going 10.2 @ 135 in the 1/4 mile was a fluke. Well, it wasn't. Yet another McLaren 570S hit the dragstrip this time at a private rental at the ATCO strip in New Jersey. Now, this 570S is a second off the previous time thanks to a poor 2.0X 60 foot but the 133 trap speed shows low 10's are not only well within the realm of possibility but to be expected. Imagine when tuned examples start hitting the strip.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
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  • RENNtech EUROPE's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:18 PM
    @ALL: Keep in mind the baseline figures from a year ago are from our EU spec C63 NON-S model, so the tune gains were higher...
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