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    Today, 09:56 PM
    I was getting ready to write an awesome article and... nothing. :rage:
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    Today, 09:42 PM
    Competition is great, isn't it? BMS basically owns the BMW piggyback market. Dinan has tried to muscle their way in (despite saying piggybacks are bad) as their flash tuning business is basically gone with the new Tricore ECU's. It has not exactly gone well for Dinan as their piggyback products are overpriced and they underperform. Well, overpriced until they launched a basic boost controller for N20/N26 and N55 engines retailing for $299. That conveniently and deliberately undercut BMS and their Stage 1 tuners which start at $379. BMS is responding with a JB+ F-Series option that starts at $199. BMS states the JB+ will provide ~35 wheel horsepower. We do not yet have a dyno confirming this but it is on the way. Suffice it to say BMS historically backs up their claims with dyno graphs. Dinan on the other hand does not. It sure would be fun to do a back to back test of these two on the same car with the same fuel on the same dyno. Maybe it's something BimmerBoost can make happen. Either way, BMS continues to offer the best performance gains per dollar in the BMW aftermarket. N55 Applications: BMW 1 Series 2013+ N55 BMW F20 F21 M135 BMW 2 Series 2014+ N55 BMW F22/F23 M235i BMW 3 Series 2012+ N55 BMW F30 F31 335i/xi 2013+ N55 BMW F34 335i xDrive GT BMW 4 Series 2014+ F32 F33 F36 Coupe 435i / 435xi BMW 5 Series 2012+ F07 535i GT 2012+ F10 F11 535i / 535xi BMW 6 Series 2011+ F13 640 Coupe 2011+ F12 640 Convertible 2012+ F06 640 Gran Coupe BMW X Series 2013+ X1 N55 TwinPower 2012+ X3 X5 X6 N55 TwinPower N20 / N26 Applications: BMW 2 Series: 2014+ 2 Series F22/F23 220i / 228i N20 & N26 BMW 3 Series: 2012+ 3 Series F30 320i / 328i N20 & N26 BMW 4 Series: 2014+ 4 Series F32/F33/F36 420 / 428 N20 & N26 BMW 5 Series: 2011+ 5 Series F10 520 / 528 N20 & N26 BMW X Series 2013+ X3 F25 N20
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 09:01 PM
    The Ford Focus RS is arguably the best performance hatchback on the market today. It commands respect from enthusiasts and it is a pretty good value at its $36,120 MSRP. So what in the world is going on here with people trying to get over $90k for the car? It's called looking for a sucker. Somebody is hoping people buy into the hype and overpay for a Focus. It's blatant. price gouging. Frankly, it's insane. Nobody is stupid enough to overpay to such a degree for a Focus RS. Right? Right...
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 08:19 PM
    This is not the first time the BMW F82 M4 GTS has been pitted against a naturally aspirated track focused Porsche. A couple months back Sport Auto compared the 991 GT3 to the M4 GTS and the GT3 resoundingly beat the M4 GTS and did so for less money. The 911 R features a larger 4.0 liter flat-6 compared to the 3.8 liter flat-6 in the 991 GT3 which is sourced from the 991 GT3 RS model. The engine is not the main area of differentiation though. The 911 R is manual only while the GT3 and GT3 RS are PDK only. The 911R is also 110 pounds lighter than a GT3 RS. The 911 R is also very expensive and very rare. This time around pricing is not on the side of the Porsche although it is insane for a BMW M4 variant of any kind to be priced above a Porsche 911 GT3 anyway. The M4 GTS is hardly a value at its $134,200 MSRP. Does it fare better against the 911 R which puts a premium on driver interaction over tenths of a second on the roadcourse? We don't know. There are no laptimes and there is no actual performance comparison making this video a waste of everyone's time. Especially mine as I already wrote all of this expecting an actual performance comparison and real test. Fuck you French assholes and your shitty comparison video.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 05:40 PM
    Cobb is killing it across so many platforms right now it's getting hard to keep track. The 2016 Focus RS is in the 11's on the stock turbocharger thanks to tuning by Adamtuned through the Cobb Accessport. This was done on a very nice 1.688 60 foot. A great launch and run considering the Focus RS is only available with a manual transmission meaning the driver is doing the work. Beyond the tuning through the Cobb AP the car ran E30 fuel along with an ETS intercooler and drag radials. These are very encouraging early Ford Focus RS tuning results. 2016 Focus RS - E30 ProTune w/ Cobb Accessport - TUNE+ Turbosmart Actuator - ETS Direct Fit Intercooler - 18" OZ Wheels w/ Radials
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  • 65AMG's Avatar
    Today, 04:05 PM
    I think they focus more on complex niche builts at the moment, so they are very busy. Maybe at some point they will expand to new markets. These are more individual builts which you can not simply ship overseas in my opinion. I can see your point with the marketing and it is great to have a platform like Benzboost to get an overview of the different tuning companys.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 02:01 PM
    Sit down, turn up your speakers, and watch this video. The premise is simple in that a gentleman named Boosted Boris and two very cute women are going to go for a ride. However, the girls lose the keys (as Boris said, maybe they should have stayed in the kitchen) and they are stranded. In comes Lukas from Renntech to the rescue with a C63 Taxi. This of course being a Renntech tuned W205 C63 and it is hardly would you would call your average taxi. They end up on the Nurburgring, Lukas pushes the C63, and the girls in back get excited. Talk about a good day at work! Enjoy:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 01:32 PM
    You will likely recognize this Porsche 911 Turbo S belonging to @Markblackwell as earlier this month he went 9.744 @ 144.35 in the 1/4 mile. Well, he has shaved that down to 9.719 @ 143.80 on an absolutely incredible 1.436 60 foot. He's launching like being shot out of a cannon. The car has the ByDesign Stage IV upgrade and puts down 747 to the wheels on a Mustang Dyno. The video below states this is the US record but the US 991 Turbo record is in fact 9.717 in the 1/4 mile. The difference being that run was achieved with nitrous and this run is entirely boost only. Keep in mind it is very hot in California where this pass took place at the Famoso dragstrip. It is safe to say we'll see a quicker time in the winter.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 01:01 PM
    Over 2000 horsepower at the wheels is what you better have if you want to play with the GTR big boys. It is almost becoming commonplace with various builds cracking that vaunted 2000 all wheel horsepower mark. Check out this graph from RobTuned. 2029 horsepower and 1384 lb-ft of torque at all four wheels. What is the recipe? A Motec M1 standalone, a billet block, 52 psi of boost, a pair of Precision 6870's, and ShepTrans upgrades. This was achieved with E98 fuel on TopSpeed Motorsports' Dynojet. Oh, and it belongs to BoostAddict member @Jimefam.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 12:38 PM
    Why the hell don't they know how to advertise? Hell, they could have me do all the heavy lifting for them with articles and so forth leaving them to do their builds/tuning. That's what I'm here for. I don't get it.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 12:23 PM
    PTF (Pro Tuning Freaks) is working on their boodmod3 software which is expected to shake up the BMW F-Series ECU flashing market. Why? Because the software will allow more control as well as the ease of flashing your ECU from home. OBD-II flash compatibility is being worked on although we will have to wait and how is supported in the final product. While PTF works on bootmod3 they have some promising results to share from a tuned S55 motor. This is a stock car only with different air filters: 91 horsepower at the wheels and over 100 lb-ft of torque at the wheels gained on 93 octane pump gas. All with an OTS (off the shelf) map: bootmod3 is shaping up very well and with OTS maps and the ability to get custom tunes with OBD-II flashing, what is there not to like?
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