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    Today, 01:53 AM
    Good numbers here from Velos Designwerks who dyno tuned a Jaguar F-Type R. The car is not exactly underpowered to begin with as the 5.0 liter supercharged and direct injected V8 is rated at 550 horsepower. The baseline shows 441 horsepower to the wheels. 20% losses? Well, if this is the all wheel drive version it makes sense but Jaguar is hardly sandbagging and they really can't with the dated supercharged V8. More power and torque are just a couple of the reasons they are going turbo. No doubt tighter emissions play a role in the decision as well. With just an ECU tune Velos takes the car to 495 horsepower at the wheels for an increase of 54 whp. Torque increases by 44 lb-ft at the wheels: Owners looking for a big bump should combine this ECU tune along with a higher boost pulley. That will make the F-Type R feel like a whole new car.
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    Today, 01:34 AM
    Why? Because they can is probably the answer. Auto Express at least admits this is an odd comparison. What it does indeed show is just how much the SUV has evolved and how sporty the Macan Turbo is. It gives the M2 a very good fight despite more weight and a higher center of gravity. Auto Express states the cars are even in a straight line but why don't they show the acceleration comparison in the video? Just another example of low quality testing metrics from Auto Express. Based on the stats the Macan Turbo with its 3.6 liter 400 horsepower V6 definitely out powers the BMW F87 M2 and its 365 horsepower (slightly underrated) N55B30T0 3.0 liter turbo inline-6. Although, it's probably closer than people realize as the M2 sends its power to the rear wheels and not all four like the Macan meaning greater drivetrain efficiency. This M2 is a manual transmission example though and if it had a dual clutch transmission like the Macan Turbo the difference on the track would be greater than what we see here. The M2 laps at 46.19 seconds to the Macan Turbo's 46.7. On a longer track the difference would be exaggerated. With laps taking well under a minute can you even call this a real roadcourse? Impressive performance by the Macan Turbo but a track car it is not being a 4200+ pound SUV. Then again, is the M2 truly a track car at its 3411 curb weight?
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    Today, 01:13 AM
    HP Tuners is a great resource namely in the Domestic tuning community. Why? Because with the HP Tuners software you can tune your car yourself or have a tuner do it for you. It really opens up a multitude of tuning possibilities and European enthusiasts should be jealous. Speaking of Europeans, here are some French tuning results on the 2016 Focus RS. Yes, the Focus RS is very popular overseas: As the car is new there is not exactly a ton of tuning dyno charts available but what these results show are solid horsepower and torque gains. Torque goes up from 349 lb-ft to 390 lb-ft and horsepower increases by 30. Very nice early Focus RS tuning results.
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    Today, 12:59 AM
    To answer your question Magnuson did work on the 1st ESS kit but the parties couldn't come to terms for whatever reason. Magnuson did their own Hammer kit as you know and it shares nothing with the ESS development. I was told there was no need compromises in their design as it was a clean sheet effort. ESS later decided to do their own thing and I guess that explains why it was delayed by so many years.
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    Today, 12:53 AM
    Well, this is about the coolest Volkswagen Golf engine swap you are ever going to see. The C6 generation Audi RS6 made headlines because people at Audi lost their minds and decided to give it a twin turbo 5.0 liter V10. Also because Audi did not sell the car in the USA proving once and for all Audi hates American enthusiasts. Now imagine if you stuffed that 5.0 liter twin turbo V10 into something a bit lighter than an RS6. Say a MKIV Volkswagen Golf? Then you tuned it? What would that acceleration look like? Something like this insane sprint to just under 320 kph or 200 miles per hour. Hopefully more information on this car will come because as of now we do not know who it belongs to or how they made this engine fit. What we do know is that it is epic. Edit: It didn't take long to figure out this car was built by GOGI racing in Albania. Oh, and they even threw nitrous on top:
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