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  • MFactory's Avatar
    Today, 05:07 AM
    I am the first to apologise, and I have been apologising, for the long delay on your core. If I updated you with "a few days", it's because this is the update that "we" have been given from our core vendors/core-return customers and the machine shop. If they have delays, we will have a delay, and the most I can tell you is what "they" tell me. The original estimate was 3-4 weeks, but this obviously has been delayed by a few more weeks due to circumstances out of our control. Again, I understand your frustration about the "lack of updates", and I sincerely apologise for this. You had the option to ask for a refund at any time, and we would have happily gave you a refund. Hell, we're the only company that offers a refund 30days AFTER you've received your LSD, regardless of whether you've used it or not, and regardless of reason (don't like it? changed your mind? need money urgently? We don't care what reason). If that is not good customer service, I don't know what is. Anyway, I'm happy for you that you've managed to find another vendor that can offer you a DCT LSD, and hope that you receive it in a timely manner and without issues. However, if it is anywhere near the $1500 price that you originally paid, then more than likely the core is supplied from us anyway :)
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  • Fishayyy's Avatar
    Today, 04:57 AM :awesome:
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  • VegasJD's Avatar
    Today, 03:26 AM
    EVERY pm you sent me said a few days well if you would have said in february it would be over 2 months to get my lsd i would have sent my business elsewhere im glad everyone else got there order just mine was the only one that took 2 months wow, and a few days a few days a few days isnt months, i placed my order with another company and i wont get my lsd in 2 months and its close to the same price you offered. Maybe when you say a few days you should say a few weeks.
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  • MFactory's Avatar
    Today, 02:11 AM
    Nothing is hidden here. We are a "global" company with full 100% transparency, and have never lied to our customers about where we are located or where our products are manufactured. It's all clearly shown on our website. We have offices in the US, UK, HK, TW and AU. Our R&D Facilities are in the US, UK and TW. All North American cores are built and shipped from our US facility in San Dimas, CA Our Manufacturing Facility is in TW Our Financial Headquarters (and where I am located, seeing as I'm the CEO) is in HK. If you want to know why our financials are in HK, PM me. Suffice to say, HK is consistently ranked the #1 business economy in the world. Nothing "dodgy" or "chinese" about it as you may have been implying.
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  • MFactory's Avatar
    Today, 02:07 AM
    Just as the customer is wanting updates, we are wanting updates as well from our own vendors/customers/machine shop. If they don't update us, we can't update the customer. Sure, we can tell him the exact same as what we told him before, but is this really an "update"? Most customers want an "update", not a repeated statement. Customer, unhappy with no "update", instead of communicating his frustration with us and giving us a chance to sort it out, he immediately files a PayPal dispute. Unknowing to most "non-business" people (if you are a business person, then shame on you), when filing a dispute, PayPal removes the disputed funds from your account i.e We no longer have your funds. If the removed funds make the account negative, it locks the PayPal account, preventing it from being used for further transactions. Being an international company operating 24/7, we cannot afford to have our PayPal account locked for hours on end, as this would lose us thousands of dollars in sales. As the CEO, there is ZERO chance that I would sit back and "hope" for the customer to respond and lift their dispute (no matter how many times he says he was willing to AFTER the fact). Time = Money, so this situation needed to be sorted out immediately. And the only way to do that was to refund him, thus lifting the dispute. 1) DCT Cores are very hard to find 2) We are at the mercy of the our core vendors as to when we receive the cores. They say one day, it may be delayed by a few weeks 3) We are at the mercy of our customers as to when we receive our core returns. They say one day, it may be delayed by a few weeks 4) We replied to every single communication that we received from the customer within literally hours (we pride ourselves on our response time). NEVER has a customer had to wait days to get a response from us. We can't offer an update "until" we have an update, which by coincidence, happened to be the same day that he locked our PayPal account 5) This transpired during the early hours of the morning (i.e after midnight) in the US. Our US office is not open at this time. Even if I wanted to give him an update on the status of the core, I would have had to wait till the US office re-opened 6) With a locked paypal account, we can't accept anymore website transactions, which would amount to thousands of dollars in losses (we are a global business. Our website runs 24/7, with offices in each corner of the globe) 7) The only way to unlock this was to refund him (or wait hours for him to retract his dispute). I know he says that he "works night shifts" and was awake at the time, but could I really risk thousands of dollars "hoping" he would retract his dispute immediately? It certainly took him hours to reply to my PM anyway (the next day actually) 8) Instead of handling this outside of PayPal (which would mean you don't want a refund, but just want this sorted), you filed a PayPal dispute (which ultimately leads to wanting a refund i.e You are trying to force our hand). Do you know what happens when a customer files a PayPal dispute? The funds are removed from the PayPal account i.e We no longer have your money; PayPal has it. The main intent of filing a dispute is to get a refund, no matter how you word it. It is unfortunate that this happened, yes, but you need to understand this from a business point of view: 1) We had to do what was right for the business i.e unlock our paypal account so that we can continue doing transactions. We cannot afford to "wait" for you to respond 2) We had to do what the customer asked i.e refund him (by virtue of him filing a dispute). It is impossible for us to "heavily discount" an item further that has already been "heavily discounted". Now, for the customer to suddenly turn around and demand for a heavier discount and fulfil the order that HE cancelled (by virtue of filing a dispute), why should we? especially when there are 8 other people in line for the same item? Again, I apologise sincerely to the customer for this unfortunate situation, but all I done was simply what was asked of me i.e To refund you. If you are unhappy with that, next time, think before filing a dispute. Just FYI, all other customers who had ordered during the Chinese New Year Special, they have all received their cores. This was not a bogus deal that was "too good to be true". You are the only one who cancelled their order. P.S Nowhere did I even mention about using a personal creditcard. Seriously, what is up with that? Why do you keep mentioning that? What is your motiv? Are you trying to make it out that we are not a proper company and just some shady business run in a basement? We are a multi-million dollar international corporation, not some "shady" company (or "Chinese" company, the term most seem to want to use when negatively commenting on a company). And yes, I am Chinese, and proud to be Chinese. Is there an issue with this? And even if I did have to use one, what issue is there with that? I'm the CEO, I handle the finances of the company, I can use whatever creditcard I want...But to answer your question, I used the company creditcard.
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  • pierce's Avatar
    Today, 01:24 AM
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  • ezec63's Avatar
    Today, 12:48 AM
    Wow hate shit like this its sad its so common in the aftermarket auto industry. It was clearly obvious he was BS'ing with the repetitive "in a few days" BS that never got anywhere and he never followed up with you after the inconvenience instead you the person giving money to them had to hound them and follow up. Terrible way to run a business and for some reason is to common with aftermarket companies if I treated any customer this way in my business we'd be out of business in months. Funny how he didn't respond for 15 days but as soon as the paypal dispute was sent you got an email within 15 minutes and he had the nerve to respond with "Your core is being built just now (there were other people before you, just so you know), but I will just sell it to next in line" really dude why didn't you email him in the last 15 days giving him an updated ETA if its suddenly now ready today.
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  • subaru335i's Avatar
    Today, 12:09 AM
    Sounds shitty. I kinda had a feeling they were a Chinese company. I bet dct cores are hard to find too but overall from what you wrote it does sound like poor customer service. They are a vendor here, would be interesting to hear their side.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:31 PM
    Sticky replied to a thread For Sale: FS: MOTIV 750 Single Turbo kit in Buy/Sell - Parts
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:27 PM
    Hey Bgrubbs: :text-welcomewave:
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