• Eurocharged releases 55/65 AMG 1000+ horsepower capable 722.6 5-speed automatic transmission upgrades

      With high horsepower M113K engine builds the automatic transmission becomes the weak leak when really upping the power and torque. Mercedes-Benz used the 722.6 5-speed automatic on the 55 AMG Kompressor models as well as the twin turbo V12 65 AMG models because it was their strongest transmission available at the time. It is also the same automatic gearbox Porsche used in the 996 Turbo for the same reasons as AMG as it could handle big torque.

      The good news is the transmission being a fairly straightforward and simply unit is easily upgradeable. Eurocharged released their upgraded parts which they have tested with the W211 E55 AMG and they guarantee capability to 1000 horsepower:

      Eurocharged is pleased to offer our 1000HP 722.6 Transmission Upgrade!! This upgrade is a MUST for any high performance 55 AMG or 65 AMG. We guarantee the transmission to hold 1000HP.

      Our kit Includes:

      1. Alto Red Eagle clutches K1, K2, K3, B2
      2. Kolene Steels K1, K2, K3, B2
      3. Alto Clutches B1, B3
      4. Alto Steels B1, B3
      5. Seal Kit
      6. Filter
      7. F1 & F2 Freewheel Clutches
      8. E-connector
      9. Machined Pistons K1, K3
      10. Output Flange Nut
      11. Blue Top Solenoids
      12. Tech support!!!

      The price? $3800.00. This is a must for high torque 55/65 AMGs.

      Here is a breakdown diagram of the transmission so you can understand the pricing and what is internally upgraded:

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      1. leveraged sellout's Avatar
        leveraged sellout -
        Very cool. Not a bad price at all either. I wonder if it shifts better...the 5 speed was always kind of soft and mushy...not really a performance gearbox no matter what AMG did to it. I have to imagine that with these mods, it shifts much better.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        It never was much of a performance gearbox it could just take a ton of torque. It's still going to be 'mushy' but handle a lot more power.

        I don't mind the 5-speed personally.
      1.'s Avatar -
        It does shift better, and then we tune the TCU and you are all set!
      1. E4304matic's Avatar
        E4304matic -
        Is this price just for the parts?