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      by Published on 04-25-2010 08:12 PM
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      How to Install Downpipes on a 135/335:

      Ok guys sorry for the long wait I have been a little bit busy as of late. I will start the first section off with the diy. This DIY is for a 135i but will work for a 335i as well.
      Tools Needed
      Car Jack and Jack Stands
      Ramp, Wood, or Sand bags
      1/4" ratchet
      5/8" ratchet
      5/8 or 1/4 swivle
      Socket extenders
      8mm wrench and socket
      10mm wrench
      12mm wrench and socket
      13mm wrench and socket
      16mm wrench
      7/8 wrench or Crescent Wrench
      E10 Torx socket
      E12 Torx socket
      T25 Torx driver
      Large flathead screwdriver or small pry bar
      *Note I would go to home depot and pick up 4-3/8 by 1 1/2 SS bolts with 4 SS nuts and 8 SS washers, the bolt heads and nuts are a little to big that come with the kit.*
      Time Should only take 2-3 hours if you are skilled. But leave yourself 5 hours ...