• klipseracer

      by Published on 04-11-2010 09:17 PM
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      Meth and FMIC are about to go on. I wanted to compare IAT's to stock intercooler and on/off methanol. Anyone not keeping an eye on this is the same person that tunes their car without a boost gauge. I'd like to see visible results actively. Since there is very little information about this and without having access to the BMS tuning gauge being that I'm a procede user, I figured I'd go out and be the first vocal test dummy. This is good information regardless of what tune you run and honestly I'd rather have a standalone gauge/sensor than relying off the slow IAT data from the DME. I've read too many threads about, "I have meth but I can't tell?!". I just can't understand how I personally could run this type of injection without being able to ACTIVELY see whats going on with it. Flow rate #1 and IAT drop #2. If I could monitor octane you know I'd have a gauge for that too. I've purchased an ATi ePod gauge and a methanol flow gauge so I will have pretty much all the important data accessible to me in little 52mm gauges. If anyone has a red labonte gauge for sale let me know, they are constantly sold out.