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uniter created the thread MSD81 Engine Loom : Where are the knock sensors?.
" As in the title, trying to track down the knock sensors on the wiring loom. "

Today, 08:49 PM

Ak335i replied to the thread E85 single turbo 6466 logs.
Quote Originally Posted by bigdnno98 View Post
Wow. Trims look pretty solid. Nice. Great job. What's the hardware?
I'm gonna mess around with less meth up top and more meth in spool and send some logs to @Terry@BMS later if he wants.
It's the same setup I've had. Vargas modified rail and hpfp.. 255 in line , straight e85. Aem v2 standalone method kit. Partial flow at 5 psi and full flow at 22/23 psi "

Today, 08:43 PM

bigdnno98 replied to the thread E85 single turbo 6466 logs.
" Wow. Trims look pretty solid. Nice. Great job. What's the hardware? "

Today, 08:38 PM

Ak335i created the thread E85 single turbo 6466 logs.
" Finally decided to save a couple logs on straight E85 to post up.

6466 custom single turbo 22/23psi
Meth flow starting at 5psi and not full flow in these logs.. ill try to get some later with full flow starting around 20psi

these are 3rd gear and it was loosing traction bad up top anyway cars running well on e85 been doin this for a while back and forth full e85 abd race gas depending on my mood

Attachment 37583Attachment 37584 "

Today, 08:28 PM

leo985i created the thread 2008 BMW 135i Manual Trans w/63k miles..
" 400+ HP BMW 135i manual transmission twin-turbo straight 6 with 63k miles, owned by an enthusiast with CPO warranty until July. All maintenance is up to date. Rear brakes/rotors, brake fluid flush, 60k mile vehicle check completed on 3/18/14. Car is in very good condition. Oil change done every 7k miles. Odometer sits at around 62.9k. I'm asking $20,000 OBO.

Car has the following tasteful modifications: 18" APEX ARC-8 racing wheels (18lbs), JuiceBox 4 stage 3 piggyback tuner (capable of many maps for different fuels for over 500hp), upgraded 5" ETS intercooler, ETS Chargepipe w/HKS BoV, BMS Oil catch can, and BMS AC filters for better engine cooling/noise (I will sell the car with the original set-up, but iclude the BMS AC filters). I also have a Berk Full Sport Catback exhaust and Active Autowerke 3" downpipes for off-road use only; this setup will allow you to make upwards of 500hp, I can include them for an extra price. The car has much better response, sounds way nicer and louder than the stock system with the Berk set-up. In addition, I have the manuals, all maintenance records, and 2 keys.

Only thing it needs is rear tires.
Please contact me for further details if interested.

Attachment 37580Attachment 37577Attachment 37574Attachment 37571Attachment 37581Attachment 37578Attachment 37575Attachment 37572Attachment 37582Attachment 37579Attachment 37576Attachment 37573Attachment 37570 "

Today, 08:16 PM

lfelunden replied to the thread Porsche 997 turbo humiliating F12, GT-R and 458 italia.
Quote Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
Somewhere in Poland based on the language. I've never seen hardware like that racing on the streets there.

No GTR and Italia though?
Forgot to post the last vid! "

Today, 07:59 PM

lulz_m3 replied to the thread STFT Banks 1 & 2 - What is normal ?.
" I have always considered <+/-5% to be ok if you are off meth. "

Today, 07:52 PM

lulz_m3 replied to the thread Klipseracer.
Quote Originally Posted by Scorpion View Post
We need to know the story behind this.
Nothing worth talking about in all honesty. He is an admin in the n54 group on Facebook and banned me for posting that pic in response to a stupid fucking question that he asked. Some bitch made shit. Reminds me of e90post days. Maybe he is secretly Jason? Not sure... "

Today, 07:49 PM

rawad1017 replied to the thread This is the 2015 F82 M4 S55 twin turbo inline-6 startup and exhaust note sound.
" sooo the cars sound better in videos than in real life..? cause i've heard all of those in real life as well and i strongly disagree.. "

Today, 07:37 PM

BoostAddict replied to the thread STFT Banks 1 & 2 - What is normal ?.
" I didn't look at the log, but if there is a large variance between banks perhaps you have an injector that is failing. "

Today, 07:35 PM

SexiPYm3 replied to the thread Article: So remember how the new 2015 F80 M3 was supposed to be much lighter than the E90 M3? It isn't. Curb weight measured at 3562 pounds.
" My neighbor weighed his E90 M3 with 6 speed at the track last summer. Car was stock, a little over 3/4 tank, almost all options, and with cf roof. CAR WEIGHED 3689. Without driver. I don't see these cars being close in weight. No way. "

Today, 06:51 PM

SexiPYm3 replied to the thread This is the 2015 F82 M4 S55 twin turbo inline-6 startup and exhaust note sound.
" [QUOTE=rawad1017;560268]e30 M3 (late 80s early 90s)

e24 m6 (late 80s)

e34 m5 (mid 90s)

e36 m3 (mid 90s) "

Today, 06:38 PM

Scorpion replied to the thread Gif Thread.
" Could have caused some serious damage in that first gif... "

Today, 06:37 PM

Scorpion replied to the thread Gif Thread.
" I know a repost, but worth seeing again.

Today, 06:36 PM

AdminTeam created the thread We welcome Iflickro.
" Hey Iflickro:


Today, 06:31 PM

135idct replied to the thread My Top Mount Single Turbo Build 135i 6AT N54..
Quote Originally Posted by fastgti69 View Post
You need to use one top port and one bottom port. All the rest of the ports besides the H2O ports need to be blocked.
thanx "

Today, 06:21 PM

chrisisnapping replied to the thread undercover performance website.
Quote Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
Looks like they changed domains without redirecting: http://undercoverperformancenj.com/

Updating their ad now.
the SEOer in me is sad. So sad.

Also, did you update this site network? On mobile I can no longer see the most recent posts above the forum sections. "

Today, 06:14 PM

AdminTeam created the thread illuminaughty is now here!.
" Welcome illuminaughty, take a look around, I think you will like what you see. "

Today, 05:56 PM

Group.america replied to the thread Cobb stage2 93 log.
Quote Originally Posted by xbox_fan View Post

Here is a quick log 2nd-3rd gear. Car is stock except the Kline exhaust (200cell).


Data logged using the default selection of parameters from Cobb

I have a question about your AFRs as my 996 TT does the same thing... I get sub 10 afr's when I initially go WOT between 3500-4500 rpm, then by 6000 rpm they are back to 11.5-12...... "

Today, 05:41 PM

Eric335 created the thread Vishnu PROcede Rev 2.5 SE - No VIN locking.
" Hello Bimmerboost,

Today, I am selling both my PROcede Rev2.5 SE & Active Autowerke 3" downpipes. This listing will be for my PROcede Rev2.5 SE. The listing for my DPs is linked below this article.

Vishnu PROcede Rev2.5 SE
Overview: The PROcede Rev2.5 SE has performed flawlessly since day 1. I have been running the Stage 1 93 Octane Aggressive maps since I got it. Definite increase in power, loved it The ability to check codes has been amazing too. I was able to save $ by not going to the dealership and doing small things like plugs/coilpacks on my own. Overall, a tune was the best $ per $ investment I made into the 335i. The harness and unit are in great shape, no bent pins or broken parts. *I'll ship it with my USB -> serial converter for free! It cost me $20 at Radioshack*

Reason for sale: Selling the car, I am moving to Washington DC and do not need a car.

Price: $300 "

Today, 05:10 PM